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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  July 9, 2011 11:35pm-12:00am EDT

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>> remembering a former first lady, betty ford, mrs. ford died yesterday in california alternate the age of 93. she leaves behind a powerful legacy, tonight up her own words how she describes her run in the white house and the moment her family confronted her. >> it was the kind of courage and candor never before seen from a first lady who admitted to entire country that she was struggling with addiction to alcohol and pain killers, and she would famously open the betty ford center to help people. >> responded strongly and challenge to recover. we're very proud of you. >> with known names who sought help elizabeth taylor, ssevie nicks and this woman addicted to alcohol and marijuana. >> thank you for being such an inspiration. >> appreciate that.
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somebody was an inspiration to me we just pass it along. >> betty ford weighing up on abortion and equal rights and breast cancer. admission of excruciating pain from a pinched nerve she'd become addicted to pain killers and valium. she asked if she recognized it herself. >> did you feel at that time even while you were in the white house that you were addicted to those prescription pills? >> i never felt that i was addicted to them. no, that was not something that wept through my head. >> did it change the way you found it or the way you talked? >> it slowed up the way i talked, it slowed up the way i thought. >> she spoke of the day her husband and family confronted her. >> i was very resentful, i was very angry. but we all came together and my husband in a very loving way put his arm around me and he said,
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you know, mom, we love you too much to let this happen. that is what struck home with me. >> president ford would later celebrate his wife's bravery. >> i'm very honored and proud to remember -- >> i have been told that you call her the boss? >> i'm betty ford's husband. >> it was her compassion that would help others recover in their own way. >> everybody has their own personal way of handling it. we don't have to do it the same way. >> and two memorial services are planned for mrs. ford, first will take place tuesday in palm desert, california, her body will be flown to grand rapids, michigan. memorial service will play place there wednesday night then be buried next to her husband in grand rapids. turning to other news, congress is working this week to come to deal on the debt ceiling, we
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talk about tomorrow's "this week." >> joining us, the president, republicans, working the weekend on their debt talk, what have we learned? >> well, going to be very interesting because they're going to be working through when we broadcast our program. we're going to have an exclusive interview with the chief of staff, bill daly we'll try to narrow down where they are on the talks right perhaps just before they happen. what you have seen in general, is that the business about cuts is now really the topic of conversation for beau sides. both talking about heavy duty cuts. that is republican position, so that's what is driving it. and we're talking now about trillions of dollars over the next ten to 12 years, and i think the question remains, what is going to happen to taxes, what about revenue raising and where entitlements will be
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tackled. i've talked to a lot of economists, once you get behind the politics and ideological hard lines or sacred cows of both sides, from really does need to be a huge amount more of sort of cuts in order to balance any budget deficit and really reduce the debt. and so far they haven't talked about that huge amount that's required whether it's on defense, whether it's on entitlement. that issue going on. and you've got the new imf report that just came out from the international monetary fund which said, the debt ceiling has to be raised, deficits and debt have to be really tackled, but if they do it too fast, too much cutting or too much tax raising, that also could -- that also could jeopardize the recovery. so i think it's very interesting policy situation as well as a political swings. >> the economists you've been talking to do they share the white house's idea that this is
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the opportunity to do something big or more just despairing about what a mess this is? >> well, both of those things, if you like. there is a sense of dysfunction, there is a sense of paralysis, there's a sense of deep concern because, look, the united states is the world's most stable economy. the u.s. dollar is this is just politics, it's not, it's real oceanides to come to an agreement because what it does want to do is jeopardize its position as the world's most stable economy. i think certainly from outside the united states, that's what people are looking at. they're very concerned, even though the markets haven't sputtered or haven't been sent in to a total twitter, if you like at the moment, it might happen. because they're very concerned that this doesn't go right down to sort of the nail biting, last minute deadline. >> on sunday "this week" is a
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big news maker. >> yes, bill daly, president's chief of staff, we'll talk about the current negotiations and all about not just that, but the way the world is looking at and also going to ask other important questions around the administration right now and key issues for the president is dealing with. also going to talk to the first ever woman head of the imf. and she's there because of the troubles of domonique strauss-kahn who had the to resign because of his legal problems having been indicted for sexual assault. that case hangs in the balance, but nonetheless, she has a very important position not just the way the imf works. but also in terms of how does america's financial crisis, if you like, right now, affect the rest of the world and we're going to be talking drilling down on that. >> thank you for the conversation. we'll see you sunday on "this week." >> thank you very much indeed. >> of course you can watch abc's "this week" right here on abc 7
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tomorrow morning. earlier this week new design on thursday was unveiled, replace the 1,000 series cars which are oldest metro fleet. national transportation safety board recommend that metro get new cars after the deadly crash back in 009. cars will be delivered in 2013. staying with metro now, a new solution to thousands of government workers who will be commuting to alexandria. it's a month from now, board meeting on thursday metro laid out plans to offer additional bus service. one line would run from the pentagon to the mark center. the other won from franconia-springfield. >> will be able to reduce by hundreds if not thousands the number of cars around the region, whatever they can do will be great, it doesn't sound as if nearly enough has been done. >> metro admits that the new bus
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service won't be enough. agency says it would have to start planning earlier but defense department and city only recently agreed to the funding. still to come right here, the local high school students dance moves have made them a hit on youtube. their story next. >> plus, comedy rules alternate the movies. >> the weather center, mainly clear skies for tonight, lots of sunshine tomorrow. but are you ready for the heat and humidity, it's on the way. my full forecast coming up. ♪ man: whoa! mom just caught air. not that sat'll describe it that way to her book club.
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>> the group of local high school students got a lot of attention on the metro when they recently decided the bust out their dance moves. now getting more attention on youtube, of course. she spoke with some of the high school students about their new fame and filed this report. >> the crowd got in to it and we got in to it, too. started taking requests, just a great night. >> taking a metro car and turning it in to a club scene dubbed metro party boys say it was impromptu 4th of july dance off that even the cops couldn't resist. >> first we intended it to be just start clapping, then turn to a dance craze then we started singing and the cops got in it to. it was fun. >> the friends from anandale high school were a youtube hit. they were only out to provide
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entertain. the the commuters couldn't get enough. >> nobody has ever seen that. we saw probably about 15 or 16 people have their phones out, tweeting, stuff like that. it was awesome. >> thanks to them video of the blue line ride with the soul train twist is getting clicked by the thousands. it's actually just the type of attention the teens say they're trying to bring to their generation. >> you see youtube videos, hip-hop videos, people our age just going off the metro fighting or beating up people older than them, it's not a good look on us. >> hoping the slash stereotypes their mission to show they can make headlines for all the right reasons. and more is exactly what they got in store. >> whoever is lucky enough to see us on the train, they're in for a show. >> that's right. because tells us that the guys say big plan to turn this in to a new trend that this first video just the beginning. check out the entire video of the metro party boys, you can
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so if you say, wow, tomorrow's great, just wait until monday and tuesday. mainly clear skies, 70's and 80's. 92 for the high at reagan national airport. 88 for average for this time of year, our morning low drops down to 72 degrees, look at that record, 104, long standing record. 81 degrees this hour, the dew point in the 60's, it's 72 at dulles, fredricksburg 7. lexington park,, maryland, 72. warmer, more humid air off to the south and wet of us already heat advisory are stacking up. i have a feeling by monday and tuesday may look at some heat advisory across the immediate metro. tomorrow the main concern is air quality index, code orange for the entire mitt tree area. and probably extended for monday in to tuesday. due point levels are on the rise, out to the west where the
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air, very, very thick. 70 to the dew point in nashville. indication of what is on the way over next 48 hours or so. in the meantime, mainly clear skies for tonight, lots of sunshine expected for the mountains tomorrow. great day to head out for a hike, shenandoah valley or going to the beaches. look for highs just around 83 degrees. monday, pretty much the same, tack on few more degrees and make it more humid outside. see isolated shower or two. late in the day but don't expect much, better chance for storms tuesday. here are the clouds across the mid atlantic, like i said not much, high clouds move off toward the north. as they move through the day, a few showers will develop off to the west of us in to the mountains, not going to add up to a whole lot but best chance will come on tuesday with potential for some severe thunderstorms behind this frontal system, slightly cooler
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and less humid air. mainly clear and comfortable for tonight, 65 to 72 degrees for overnight low. today and tomorrow looks great for sunday, day off, 88-93. the extended outlook, hotter on monday and tuesday, there are the storms on tuesday then clearing out wednesday. thursday and friday those are the days, if you can get them off, pick of the week, temperatures in the mid 80's. check out beach forecast and whole lot more. >> hopefully you'll be some place comfortable. >> i'm going to atlanta going to be really hot. all right. thanks, steve. coming up right here on abc 7. two big comedies open. will tell which you are worth your time and money. blal
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>> ready to laugh at the movies two, big comedies hit the big screen. one may hit less to home for many working americans. here is art campbell with look. >> it's a good weekend for new movies if you looking to laugh. kevin james gets dating advice from the anals of the zoo and horrible bosses plugs in to workplace resentment big time. >> sure, what is it? >> i was in line for that promotion. >> look how hard you've been working. >> are you lying to me? >> lying? >> no, nick. motivating.
11:58 pm
>> have you ever wanted to kill your boss? don't answer that, but "horrible bosses" spins a good workplace comedy around that idea with jason bait man, charlie day and jason sedacus as fed up employees who hatch a plan to kill each other's bosses. >> that's actually a good idea. >> yeah, like hitchcock "strangers on a train" right? >> the funny one. >> with jennifer aniston, colin farrell and kevin spacey as the awful executives, three stars are rating a comic fantasy for our time. >> griffin, we need to talk. >> kevin james learns a secret in "zookeeper" that animals can talk. once he gets over that the beasts help him with his dating problems. i think eddie murphy already made this, two stars. now here is weekend movie guide. four stars for "midnight in paris" almost four stars for "larry crowne" and three stars for "cars 2" and "horrible
11:59 pm
bosses." couple listed, for "bad teachers" two stars for "zookeeper," "transformers 3" and "the tree of life" have a nice weekend. i'm arch campbell. abc 7 entertainment. >> coming up, steve has one final look at the forecast.


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